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Get Started

Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or a first timer, we have the right class for you!

Every new CrossFit member is required to attend 10 On-Ramp Classes. The purpose of these classes to establish a baseline of cardiovascular fitness,  expose athletes to the plethora of movements that might appear in a regular class, as well as well ensure all members are performing these movements safely. While we want all of our members to reach their fitness goals and experience strength gains, it will not be at the expense of proper form, technique and safety.

Every movement and exercise routine can be scaled to the fitness levels and abilities of any member, or adjusted to avoid additional irritation to any current injury. Our instructors are educated on the potential physical risks of these movement and will gladly make necessary adjustments to ensure the movements are done safely and efficiently. Just ask!

If you have a current, but extensive background with CrossFit or Olympic Lifting and are interested in skipping the On-Ramps, please feel free to stop in the box and talk with the trainer on duty.