WOD for 3.14.19

No Lift

Partner WOD! YAY!

Between two partners, you must accumulate 5000m on the rower. While one person is rowing, the other person is performing 3 dead lifts (185/135) and then holding at the top after the third rep. When the person holding the bar fails and drops the bar (and you WILL drop the bar), the partners will stop where they are at, perform 5 burpees and then switch places. Once a team has accumulated 5000m on the rower, your workout is done.
You may tackle this workout as you will, but a good approach is to switch places intentionally after 250m. This will save your grip and give you slightly more longevity.
If you are someone who can't dead lift this weight yet, talk to the coach and have them help you find a weight that suits you, but doesn't let you hold it for 5 minutes while your partner rows 1200m. Make sense? Holding the bar should become very challenging before too long.

Partner 1:

Partner 2:
3 Dead Lifts (185/135)
Holding at the top after the 3rd rep

When Partner 2 drops the bar, both partner perform 5 burpees and then switch places.

See you tomorrow!!!


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